Rocky Horror (UK Tour) Sunderland

After what felt like such a long wait from 2009 the last time I saw the Rocky Horror on the stage, last night I eventually got my 4th viewing of this fantastic fun rock n roll show.  This is different to any other musical you will see on the stage, the audience love it, it has a cult following. So its Friday night and starts at 8:30, I still haven’t got myself dressed up (I will next time, I promise) but so many people are dressed as all the different characters and you know it’s going to be a fun night.

The night turned out to be an incredible night the crowd were crazy and up dancing along to the time warp very early on, I had some newspaper passed along from fellow fans and we were ready to go. The buzz in the crowd was brilliant, and the cheering and screaming as it was about to start was incredible. Everyone was singing along as soon as it started and I had to join in!

Phillip Franks as the Narrator really was brilliant from the first minute to the last, he quickly responded to the crowd shouting out random and obscure things. Always with an answer and agreeing, amazing! Some of the things shouted from the audience really are amusing, but I think his quick responses made it all even more entertaining. It must be difficult to be in a show which at least 90% of the audience no word for word.

Dammit Janet

I enjoyed seeing Ben Forster take on the role of Brad, especially after seeing him as Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar late last year. He showed that he is a great entertainer and willing to take on different types of roles. Such a great voice for the songs as well, lovely meeting him at the stage door after the show as well!

But the big question is how is the actor taking on the challenge of Frank N Furter going to do? The moment of truth comes as the Time Warp finishes and we head straight into Sweet transvestite . . . Oliver Thornton . . . he looks good and wow he really is incredible in the role! Amazing he owns the stage and everything on it!

The audience love him, screaming, shouting, cheering and egging him on! It really is a perfect choice for the role as he looks like he’s having so much fun as the character and really giving it his all!

I really enjoyed this 40th anniversary production and thought it was even more racy and incredible than my 3 previous visits in years gone by. Obviously most of it was the same but slight improvements in certain parts making it have something a little bit extra. It really is the ultimate experience, if you like or love the film and have no seen the stage show you really have to make a massive effort to catch this on tour! I am hoping it is going to return to the North East later in the year in Newcastle and I will certainly be heading back to do the time warp again!

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