The Impossible (2012) Review

The incredible story of a family who were involved in the Tsunami disaster in Thailand in 2004. It makes you hold your breath and takes you on such an emotional journey throughout the film as well.

When a family is torn apart as the disaster struck Lucas and his mother Maria must look after each other for a chance of surviving. With her leg and chest badly hurt, he understands that she needs medical help as soon as possible. They also rescue a young boy who was trapped and they take shelter in a tree. It really is incredible for Lucas to be so strong and really help his mother. Henry is with the other boys Thomas and Simon but he constantly is searching for his wife and oldest son.

I can understand how this film has so many people talking about it, how it really all does seem so impossible. It also helps to show how amazing the human spirit is and that in times of great need you never give up and find inner strength from somewhere to really make things happen. As both sides of the family try not to give up hope on the fate of the others it really is so difficult to watch, wondering what exactly is going to happen and how they will find one another (if they manage it).

It really does play with your emotions and makes you wonder what you would have done if you were in that situation and had faced the disaster. I don’t think that’s even something you can really answer. I thought the performance of Tom Holland as Lucas really was the standout performance of the film, he is a brilliant young actor as really had so much emotion in his performance.

I thought it was brilliant to see Lucas helping people in the hospital and trying to reunite families, something which was then a joy to see. People who had been separated for a few days by this point, not sure if you are going to see them again suddenly being reunited is just amazing to see. I really did think this was a powerful film and it must have been a very difficult one to make due to the scale of the disaster and it only being 8 years ago. I can remember seeing the scenes on the news and just being totally lost for words.

I guess in such an awful event it is nice to see a film based on a true story of a families fight for survival. Very powerful, emotional and thought-provoking film with incredible performances from start to finish. It really does all seem impossible!

5 thoughts on “The Impossible (2012) Review

  1. McGregor, Watts, and most importantly, Holland, are all good and make this material move at a fine-speed, but that’s not really saying much when you have an obvious, TV-movie-of-the-week story like this at your disposal. Good review Caz.


    • Yeah I totally see your point with that, I am quite surprised with Watts’ Oscar nomination I wasn’t really that impressed with her performance in all honesty.


  2. Nice blog! I didn’t finish your review just yet b/c I haven’t seen the movie, but will try to watch soon and then revisit this review and drop a comment. If you get a chance check out my blog. 🙂


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