The Sentinel (2006) Review

A secret agent Pete Garrison is framed as a mole in the assassination attempt on the President. Will former best friend David Breckinridge forgive him in time to actually help him?

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Oscars 2013

Well I wasn’t really ready for this years Oscars and didn’t manage to see all of the films nominated for Best Picture or the top acting awards. So I didn’t really seem that bothered about catching the show or trying to stay up late to watch it. First time host Seth MacFarlane didn’t really make me any more excited about it all, don’t get me wrong I really do like Family Guy, but figured he would be a bit much for the Oscars.

One little thing I didn’t realise though was that musicals were going to play  a big part in the show . . . Now if I had known this earlier . . .

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Rocky Horror (UK Tour) Sunderland

After what felt like such a long wait from 2009 the last time I saw the Rocky Horror on the stage, last night I eventually got my 4th viewing of this fantastic fun rock n roll show.  This is different to any other musical you will see on the stage, the audience love it, it has a cult following. So its Friday night and starts at 8:30, I still haven’t got myself dressed up (I will next time, I promise) but so many people are dressed as all the different characters and you know it’s going to be a fun night.

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