Love and Other Drugs (2010) Review

A drug rep Jamie with womanizing ways has his world turned upside down when he meets a young woman suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Now this film is not what I thought it was going to be like at all. It was totally different to what the trailer shows us, well for me it was anyway. I am sure people will feel the same way. I really wasn’t expecting so much sex talk and scenes to be in the film. Obviously with Jamie being a drug rep and the newest drug and the one which really kicks off his career just happens to be Viagra. It was the 90’s when it was first launched and became an instant hit, Jamie was very good at selling it as well which was brilliant to watch when he was pushing it with the hospitals.

Despite Maggie having an awful disease we aren’t really made to think too much about that throughout the course of the film and focus more on the relationship and how the characters feel about each other. How the relationship really helps her (when she let’s it). As she really does push Jamie away as she doesn’t want him to miss out on certain things in his life.

We do see some lovely scenes in which she eventually realises that he is for keeps and they can be together. He is very understanding of her illness and really does just want to help her. I loved the scene where he actually slept in his car to she her when she had returned from a trip to Canada to get the cheaper drugs.

So this is a slightly different slant but not in a really sad depressing way. I think the strength Hathaway brings to the character really helps as she is so strong in this role, playing it from the point of view of not wanting anyone to help. Battling on alone, when she pushes Jamie away but it turns out it’s really not that easy to get rid of him. I find that the nicest thing about this film, he could have gone and had a very simple and easy life but he choose Maggie because he really does love her.

This film is a little bit different from other romance films out there and does it really have a happy ending? I guess that’s up to the audience to work out!

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