Top 10 – Worst Films of 2012

Some of the films to put in this list are pretty easy choices due to dislking or in some cases hating the film. So I pick the films I figured are the worst I saw in 2012. Please remember that these are the films I watched in 2012. So I didn’t get to see everything in 2012, but these are my picks, for many different reasons! I think another thing to mention about the 10 films I have picked on this list is that whilst being in the cinema and watching them I was wondering how much longer they were going on for and wanting them to be finished. Probably one of the worst things you can say about a film is that you wish it was over!

Top 10 Best Films of 2012

Top 10 Missed Films of 2012

10. Prometheus – Review

Built up so much for weeks before the films release and never really lived up to all the hype it had surrounding it. So I found it extremely disappointing, especially after watching Alien for the first time a week or two before this film came out!

9. The Muppets – Review

Now I love The Muppets and just found this film to be so disappointing and trying to hard throughout. Which is such a shame as I usually like Jason Segel, but really couldn’t get away with this film at all.

8. Dark Shadows – Review

Has the Burton/Depp connection run it’s course? Well Dark Shadows was really awful, I kept hoping it was going to get better but it just didn’t. Following in on the whole vampire theme which is very much in at the moment, in a funny way I guess . . .

7. The Vow – Review

I thought we were going to get a nice romantic film and that it would be very enjoyable to watch from start to finish. That is so far from the case, it’s totally different to how it appears on the trailers and doesn’t really have much love in it at all. So disappointing.

6. Taken 2 – Review

Let’s face it I didn’t even like Taken . . . So Taken 2, well we just could have done without this film being made. It was totally pointless from start to finish with no good phone conversation from Liam Neeson.

5. The Cold Light of Day

The best way to start explaining this film has to be as a big mess, the plot confuses itself with some awful performances thrown in just to make sure it really was a bad film overall.

4. Battleship – Review

Not entirely sure where to start about this film, it had a very bizarre story to it and didn’t really make much sense at all. Some random aliens or something? Yet loosely based on the board game? Well I am actually not sure anymore, but again this was a film I was wondering when it was going to be over. Never a good thing when it comes to a film!

3. Magic Mike – Review

I really hated this film, honestly I didn’t like anything about it . . . actually maybe I did like seeing the shirtless men, just being shallow with that. But overall I thought the film was terrible. I know the reception for this film seems very love or hate no real in between!

2. American Reunion – Review

Maybe something that was brilliant in the late 90s should not have been brought back for a reunion, as we get the same old jokes and scenes really. Some films should be left alone, but I guess it wasn’t as bad as some of the follow ups?

1. The Five-Year Engagement – Review

My hate for this film sees it take the number 1 spot in my 10 worst films of 2012, let me try and explain why exactly . . . I really liked it up until a certain point because it was not your normal rom-com but in the end it became everything it was previously against. It also felt like it lasted 5 years when watching it!

Which films did you hate in 2012?

20 thoughts on “Top 10 – Worst Films of 2012

  1. I’m totally with you on Dark Shadows, as every minute passed I got more and more frustrated. But The Muppets? The Muppets? It was brilliant – it was sweet and funny and it was great to see the Muppets back on the big screen where they belong.


    • I know The Muppets is a rather controversial choice but I was rather disappointed with the film more than hating it I suppose. Struggled to put together my list this year, missed many films (for some that’s a good thing!)


  2. I thought “The Muppets” was wonderful. Seriously? This was one of the worst movies you’ve seen this year? I also can understand being disappointed by both “Prometheus” and “Dark Shadows,” but I enjoyed both of those movies as well (for different reasons). Both definitely has problems, but neither were as bad as people make them out to be. Apparently you didn’t watch “The Sitter” or anything by Adam Sandler this year.


    • Nope I avoided The Sitter and Adam Sandler (has to be done). It was pretty hard this year, as I think I really done well to avoid some films which sounded truly awful.


      • I caught the last half of “The Sitter” on cable the other day. It was a horrid experience, as if they took “Adventures in Babysitting” and wrung all the fun and charm out of it.


  3. Cool list. Prometheus was in my bottom 5 and The Five Year Engagement was woeful. I was going to put that in my bottom 5 too, but decided that there was only room for one Emily Blunt romantic comedy, so went with Salmon Fishing in the Yemen.


  4. A lot of these are kind of expected. I didn’t really care for Prometheus that I didn’t put it on Best or Worst list, it was simply forgettable. Not a Tatum fan I see? Yeah, me neither. I didn’t really care for Magic Mike even with the shirtless men, I mean I don’t really go for any of the actors and some of the scenes are just gross. Bummer about The Cold Light of Day. I still would rent it in a heartbeat simply for Henry. He’s just one beautiful creature! Nice list, Caz.


    • So glad to hear that you agree with a few of my choices Ruth! I used to like watching Tatum, but let’s face it he’s not a very good actor at all.


      • For me, I actually warmed up a teeny bit towards Tatum, but that’s not saying much as I used to loathe him. Something about him just rubs me the wrong way, but he was hilarious in 21 Jump Street. I still won’t call myself a fan though, not by a long shot. And I will avoid The Vow at all cost!


        • I missed 21 Jump Street. Yeah that’s a good choice as it really wasn’t great at all, which I found as shame as the trailer made it look like a totally different film.


  5. I agree with some of the ones you mention, like The Vow and The Cold Light of Day. And truly, I don’t even want to start watching The Muppets. But Taken 2 I liked, and I thought American Reunion was a big laugh! Love your blog btw 🙂


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