My Cousin Vinny (1992) Review

Two New Yorkers are arrested and accused of murder in Alabama and one of their cousins comes in as their lawyer to defend them.

The mixture of the difference between city and country life and whether Vinny can actually do anything to defend them. When we first meet him we actually wonder if he is really a qualified lawyer and if he can get his act together to help out his young cousin and his friend. Mona his fiance plays a key role in helping him really get into the case whilst pushing him as well.

I have to admit that I had no idea what this film was about, the only thing I actually knew was that Marisa Tomei won the best supporting actress Oscar that year. Not taking anything away from her performance but I haven’t really looked who she was up against but I wouldn’t have guessed it was an Oscar-winning performance. Maybe I am being over critical saying that but the best supporting actress category never seems very strong.

It just have its funny moments and you actually find yourself hoping that Vinny will be able to pull something together and prove everyone (audience included) wrong. His methods are nowhere near conventional and he doesn’t even wear a suit when entering the court! They all seem to hate him at first but he soon manages to win everyone’s respect for how he actually changes the way he is doing things.

I was very impressed with Joe Pesci in this film as I will admit that up until this point I haven’t really seen him in very many films and still seeing him as one of the burglars from Home Alone. Yes I know that is bad but that’s all to do with my age and how much I watched Home Alone as a kid. Something which kinda amuses me but also very good to watch a film and see an actor in a different light.

For some reason I always find myself really enjoying courtroom based films and this one really is very different from any courtroom film you have seen before. That is a good thing, I am pleased to add this film to my watched films list!

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