Fracture (2007) Review

A young lawyer Willy Beachum who is very ambitious in climbing the career ladder seems to have met his match is Ted Crawford who is on trial for the attempted murder of his own wife.

Fantastic performances from both Hopkins and Gosling keep you gripped throughout this film which has many twists and turns from start to finish. Both actors bring out very good performances from the other and Gosling really shows how good of an actor he is in this role. Very much holding his own against the brilliant Hopkins.

Ted comes across as a rather evil man given that he had originally admitted to shooting his wife and then decided that in fact he did not. Without the gun though Willy doesn’t really have much hope. Especially when everything else seems to be going against him as well. Pieces of the puzzle that he had no idea about really turning the tables and not going will in his favour. Ted really keeps having little digs and Willy and seems to know way too much about his private life and past.

Whilst being involved with this case Willy must also try and protect his promising career which seems to be falling apart around him. But can the young man manage to turn everything round in the end or will it be way too late to save anything that he was so close to? I am not going to spoil that for you, as this film does have many twists and turns. The ending is brilliant though . . . I say that when I have now seen this film a few times and I could never remember how it actually ended! But I am sure it will have you thinking well done.

Hopkins never really disappoints, another fine performance which can send shivers down your spine due to how much he seems to know about well everything which is going on. Not many actors can pull that off and have the audience wondering what he is going to do next, even when he is locked away in a prison. Oh yes that sounds a little too familiar!

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