Top 10 – Films I Caught Up With In 2012

This a new top 10 list for 2012, I thought it was a good idea to look back and pick 10 films that I have eventually seen this year from years gone by. Classics or much talked about films which I eventually got round to watching this year. Just thinking back to some of the reviews on the blog, I think there’s going to be some films in this list that people won’t believe that it has taken me until 2012 to eventually watch them!

Probably not really in much of an order but 10 fantastic films I am now pleased to say that I have seen and added to my ever growing review section here at Let’s Go To The Movies. I actually thought it would be very easy to do this list but I actually hadn’t watched that many older films this year, but I hope that you will agree that most of them are top quality! Some aren’t but for that reason alone I am very pleased to say that I have now seen them!

10. Buried (2010) 

Ryan Reynolds is in a box for the entire film . . . Yes that is the film, but it is so good. Everyone’s worst fear has to be being buried alive and we are watching just that as Reynolds must come to terms with the fact that no-one can actually help him.

9. For Love of the Game (1999) 

Another brilliant Kevin Costner Baseball film and this one really does tug at the heart strings as his age is starting to beat him from the sport/job he has done all of his life. We must watch how he copes with this and it really is just a brilliant film from start to finish.

8. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) 

Always mentioned as one of the worst James Bond films with the worst actor to play James Bond, Lazenby only got this one film and quite frankly that was more than enough. But that is the main reason this film is in the list. I am very pleased that I have seen this film and agree it is a bad Bond film, mainly because it is extra cheesy and the mentions of Connery make it extra cringe worthy.

7. The Beaver (2011) 

I remember seeing the trailer before this came out and thinking wow Mel Gibson really has lost the plot by doing this film. As it turns out the film is even more messed up than it appears in the trailers! Yes really! I seriously found this to be so bizarre and off the wall, I may sound over the top with that but I really didn’t think things could be that messed up.

6. Music of the Heart (1999) 

Let’s face it I love Meryl and this film (which I hadn’t even heard of) made me love her even more. As a violin teacher going into some rather rough schools in Manhattan. Who would think that such a simple thing would be such a good thing and help so many of the children.

5. All That Jazz (1976) 

Bob Fosse and an autobiographical film in which he actually predicts his own death, done a musical format in his head. I actually had this on DVD for years before I eventually watched it a few months ago, I was so moved by the film and really thought it was such an incredible experience watching it.

4. The Firm (1993) 

A young Tom Cruise takes on Gene Hackman at a law firm, it’s all about how far a young man up and coming in his field will go to succeed. It has so many twists and turns and really has a fantastic story line and keeps you gripped from start to finish.

3. Alien (1979) 

In space no one can hear you scream . . . Yes really I watched this for the first time this year and was blown away. Way hadn’t I seen this masterpiece before? It really did have me on edge as the anticipation of something going to happen was unreal, and that daft cat seemed to really cause many problems!

2. Brief Encounter (1945) 

Now seeing this film was thanks to Netflix, I hadn’t really heard of it but when reading the plot thought it would be something I would enjoy. I was totally right I loved this film, an affair and it was not a happy ending. It was beautiful the way it was done though and you really cannot help but feel for them both. Nothing could really work out, plus I love the being on a train/at the train station.

1.  Some Like It Hot (1959)

Yes I know this should have already been one of my all time favorite films before 2012. But at least after watching it a few times it now is in that special list. I loved everything about this film from start to finish and just found the last line to be one of the best ever in cinema! Such a simple statement but meant so much especially when you know this film is from 1959 must have been rather controversial at the time!

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