The Notebook (2004) Review

An old man is reading a story to an old woman, a love story of two young people Noah and Allie. They meet one summer, fall in love and have the best of times. But everything is torn apart when their social standings make a massive difference in them being together.

Possibly one of the best romances in film, you cannot help but want them to be together and know that they are really meant to be together. This film gives us some fantastic quotes about love and a man really giving a woman everything he has to offer. Who wouldn’t want their very own Noah? He hangs off a ferris wheel just to get a date with her and even hangs with one hand, seriously you have to give him a chance for that. Then the lying in the middle of the road watching the traffic lights change colour.

But let’s not forget that they argue all the time, but that doesn’t mean they love each other any less. That one summer is the best for them, Allie’s mother is really the person who pushes them apart. Years later after Noah built up the house they spent a special night in and Allie see’s it in the paper she is drawn back to him despite being newly engaged.

I think more than anything this film gives you hope about love whilst also feeling very jealous. As it is never really going to measure up to how high this film sets it all. The story being told and when you realise that Allie actually wrote it as she battles with dementia, something which is handled in such a brilliant way in the film. My Nanna suffered from it and it truly is the most awful thing to happen to someone. So some of the scenes break my heart even more after experiencing it myself.

I think it’s a film I actually like more and more with each viewing, as you forget how consuming and good it is from start to finish. You love hearing the story over and over again as well, not forgetting the truly lovely yet heartbreaking ending. Does it help show that if two people are truly meant to be together that they will be in the end, sometimes that means that they are going to hurt others to get to that point? Well in this case that certainly does happen.

So many parts just make you want to cry or actually cry with them, when Allie finds out about the letters and her mother admits to keeping them all from her. He wrote to her everyday for a year, I mean just wow that type of thing would never happen now I mean who still even knows how to write a letter in this day and age with all the social networking. Anyway I think that’s another thing about this film and Nicholas Spark’s style he just loves a letter!

I had actually read the book before I first saw this film and it took me 3 years after its release before it came out. I never used to get emotional at romantic films, but somewhere along the line I totally broke and became an emotional wreck at films like this. So the first time I watched this I really did sob throughout I can’t deny that. Watching it now though it really depends on my mood, but let me ask you this how much did you cry on your first viewing?

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