This Means War (2012) Review

When Lauren decides to really get into the dating game little does she know that the two men she is dating FDR and Tuck are actually best friends who work for the CIA.

I think I am best off starting this review by saying that I did not like this film at all . . . So I’m going to try and not slate the film too much, I just thought it was shallow and made women look very desperate. But it also made men look like psychos!

Right now I’ve got that out the way . . . Lauren has as it seems been very unlucky in love and after seeing her ex who she gave everything up for with his fiance she decides its time to get back in the dating game, but her friend kindly signs her up to a dating website! Else where Tuck and FDR who work together as partners for the CIA have very different lifestyles. FDR is a ladies man and Tuck just wants love, so he signs up on a dating website.

I am pretty sure that you can guess where that was going, yes they end up out on a date. But after the date Lauren meets FDR in a video store, she is different to all the other women he has dated therefore a nice challenge for him. Tuck and FDR quickly learn that they are both dating Lauren, and use many things within the CIA to watch each other when they are with her.

That is where the psycho part comes into it, they both have trackers on her and want to know everything the other is doing with them. Little does Lauren know what is going on and I think her reaction when she eventually finds out was very calm. Although I doubt she ever found out about the tracking etc. So I really did not like the flow of this film at all, it really wasn’t funny or romantic either so not a very good action rom-com if that is what it was trying to be?

Pleased I missed this one in the cinema and not really sure why I watched to the end? Maybe to see who she ended up with . . . Surely though two friends shouldn’t let a woman come between them?

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