Christmas Carol: The Movie (2001) Review

An animated version of the classic tale A Christmas Carol, but with this being an animated film we have the addition of two mice who are along for the story.

Let’s face it this has to be the most adapted story of all time, for the big or small screen, in normal or musical format or maybe a little bit of both. So we all know the story of Scrooge and Bah Humbug is such a well-known phrase. I watched this version for the first time this morning and found it to have quite a few differences.

I felt as though this film really focused on the love Scrooge once had for Belle and how that had to be the moment that really changed everything for him. Not forgetting the wait for Kate Winslet singing “What If” I really do love that song and it fits so well within the film. I think that gives it a slightly different edge to other versions.

The animation side is really not that great at all, I know this film is from 2001 but even then better animation was available to use. It makes this film feel like it is actually very old! I don’t know if that was the plan when it was being made or not? I wouldn’t really put it down as one of my favorite versions of this tale. I guess the idea of an animation version is to encourage more children to watch it?

The main thing I was focusing on was trying to guess which actors were doing the voices, something that has become a regular thing now when watching animated films! Overall, I guess this film does it’s job in getting the story across, but I won’t be rushing to watch it again next Christmas that’s for sure. Better versions are available to watch. How do you find this animated version?

4 thoughts on “Christmas Carol: The Movie (2001) Review

    • Yeah it actually took me ages to find it on IMDb because of that title change. When I’d been watching it on TV it was just called A Christmas Carol . . . I mean there was about five different versions on at the same time on Christmas Eve!


  1. Nicolas Cage as Marley! Spot-on genius casting, and the only thign I can recommend about this movie. It basically stole the design of each of the spirits from The Muppet Christmas Carol too (unless they’d looked like that in even earlier adaptations).


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