Jack Reacher (2012) Review

After what seems a very strange and random shooting, Jack Reacher appears to help with the investigation into the man charged with the shooting . . . they serviced together in the army where the accused was a sniper.

Now this film is another in recent months which has had the trailer attached to pretty much everything. From the trailer it looks very amusing and to have quite a bit of action in it. I am pleased to say that the film as a whole is very entertaining, the action is good, the story line has twists and turns and it has a very good comedy age. Some of lines making you smile and/or laugh whilst also wondering how they got away with it.

The character of Jack Reacher is pretty complex as it takes a while to really understand what exactly he is going to do. He is a trained killer and seems to be wanted but it’s not entirely clear what for. As Barr the accused shooter mentions Reacher’s name, he is there straight away after seeing the incident on the news.

I thought Tom Cruise was just brilliant as Reacher, playing the role with such ease whilst being a little bit cocky but not too much. The right balance that we still like his character and want to see him succeed. The action scenes are very good, with plenty of good car chases and shooting scenes. Robert Duvall’s character was a brilliant edition, when helping Reacher and adding more amusing lines.

I liked this film a lot more than I expected as thought it was going to be a let down after seeing the trailer so many times, but it certainly did not disappoint. It has plenty going for it a couple of different story lines which you can follow, the attorney appointed to Barr, Helen just happens to be against her father Rodin who is the district attorney. So a little bit of father/daughter rivalry added to the case as well. But is everything is it seems? That’s something I won’t spoil you will have to see for yourself when you see the film.

The ending is certainly left open for a second film, or even a couple of films. Not really sure if that is the plan or not, but the way films seem to go now I would have thought so! I really did enjoy it though, after attending the Unlimited Screening at Cineworld on Tuesday night.

4 thoughts on “Jack Reacher (2012) Review

  1. i am usually not a Tom Cruise fan, but I also thought he was brilliant in this movie! So, having in mind how good he did here and in Ghost Protocol and how awesome Oblivion looks, I might need to reconsider my opinion of him 😀


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