Jingle All The Way (1996) Review


Now this film has to be my Christmas guilty pleasure as while yes I know it is not a great film, I still totally love it! Loved watching it as a kid and still love watching it now.

It’s all about a stupid “doll” Turbo Man, which Howard’s son Jamie wants for Christmas more than anything. Howard being such a brilliant dad obviously bought it with plenty of time before Christmas . . . Or maybe not, he totally forgot all about it and this is the story the film takes us on. Howard doing all he can (on Christmas Eve) trying to get the doll for his son.

I don’t really know exactly what it is about this film but it really does have such a charm to me. Maybe something to do with it being from the 90’s and that’s when I was a kid and the excitement of getting certain toys which my parents struggled to get. Always remember the year of the Power Rangers which were shipped from America (from our friends out there). So I think I relate that to this film and it makes me smile watching it now.

Who cannot love Schwarzenegger in a kids film, he done a couple in the 90’s. You have to admit that it is funny from start to finish and really does get you in the Christmas spirit (as long as all your shopping is done). It does show that you can change things at Christmas time and make it up to your family if you have not always been there due to work and commitments.

I think this film does have a lot more heart than you will give it credit for and it isn’t all that great but I still totally love it as my Christmas guilty pleasure!

9 thoughts on “Jingle All The Way (1996) Review

  1. I also loved this when I first saw it. Haven’t seen it for years though. We were talking about this at work today, my boss has been rushing all over town trying to find a furby for her kid.


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