Midnight in Paris (2011) Review

Gil an American writer who is currently in Paris with his fiance Inez and her parents, slips back in time to the 1920’s as it hits midnight.

I remember hearing a lot about this film last year and missing it at the cinema. Having eventually seen it I am even more disappointed I did not see it on the big screen and really understand why it received so many Oscar nominations. This is actually the first Woody Allen film I have seen as well! (Yes I know I need to play catch up with his films, best ones to watch advice is appreciated).

Gil who is a screenwriter is attempting to write a novel which does not seem to be going to plan, but after his late night strolls in Paris and heading back to the 1920’s and making friends with Ernest Hemingway, Zelda Fitzgerald everything begins to change.

It also seems to be an escapism from Inez, who wants to spend more and more time with the very annoying Paul. A brilliant performance from Michael Sheen instantly making the character unlikable due to his know it all attitude. It did seem as though Inez’ crush from when she was in college is still very much there, an affair seemed very likely but was never really confirmed.

I think the scenes around Paris were brilliantly done, but I can now understand why Woody Allen films are often talked about for the dialogue. I really must play catch up with his other films. I found myself getting totally lost and caught up in this film. Who wouldn’t love to be transported back to a different time, to help understand things in the current day.

I am not normally a big fan of Owen Wilson but I actually found him quite charming in this film, his character really seemed to work throughout the film and you understood how he was feeling. Getting away from his more familiar roles and doing something a little bit different. After seeing the film I read that Allen persuaded McAdams to be in the film and take on a more bitchy role, something she seemed to do very easily. I mean let’s face it we weren’t meant to like her character at all. Marion Cotillard as Adriana added another love interest but this time back in the 20’s for Gil.

The film certainly had its fair share of magical moments and this was very clear from the first time Gil went back to the 20’s but also the diary scene of what had happened the previous night. I really was very impressed by this film and pleased I eventually managed to watch it. You have to love a little bit of magic from a film every now and then.

11 thoughts on “Midnight in Paris (2011) Review

  1. CA, you need to watch Annie Hall, Sleeper, Love and Death, Manhattan, Hannah and her Sisters, Purple Rose of Cairo. I could go on but I’m sure there will be others who will guide you to others. For me, these are the stand-outs to a very mixed career. The reason Midnight in Paris was so lauded was it had been quite some time since Allen had done a decent film and this was closer to his best for a long while. I agree, I wasn’t brown away as others had been but it was miles better than You Will Meet A Tall, Dark Stranger!


    • I really should just buy his full collection and work my way through them. Annie Hall, Manhattan and Hannah and her Sisters are probably the ones I’ve heard the most buzz about!


  2. This is one of the movies I should have seen by now, but every time I try, something happens and I never end up doing it 😀 I am really not a fan of Woody Allen though, but I might just try to watch it again tonight, because of your suggestion it brings about some magic 🙂


  3. I really like this film, such a wonderful script. Allen is so incredibly hit and miss. I haven’t seen a lot of his films, including a lot of the iconic ones. But I really like Take the Money and Run, for a pretty silly comedy. It is one of his earlier (second I think) ones.


      • Oh yeah, he is sort of unique in that way. Considered by heaps of people to be a ‘great’ director, but it is universally accepted that a large number of his films are utter crap.

        But you have to give him credit for just continuing to churn out film after film, no matter how poorly the one before is received or performs at the box office.


  4. Nice post. I want to see this film so much. I always think to myself that I can never review Woody Allen films, because there is something so intelligent and undefinable about them, and I just don’t understand it – be it something in the relationship between the characters in his films, or within the scenery shots, etc. I also really enjoyed watching Woody Allen’s ‘Vicky, Christina, Barcelona’, and I highly recommend it to you.


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