Rise of the Guardians (2012) Review

When they bogey man/Pitch is trying to return fear to all children, this causes Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth-fairy, Sandman and newly picked Guardian Jack Frost to keep the children believing.

This film turned out a lot different to how I expected it to be, no that’s not a bad thing, it’s such a good thing. It gives you something to believe in. Children love these characters and in this film it is all done by lights of those who believe.

The main story to this film is that of Jack Frost, how for 300 years he has made things freeze and giving people snow days. He is unhappy that no one can see him and the other guardians are rather shocked when the man in the moon chooses Frost to become a guardian with them. But as the story unfolds the choice makes more and more sense.

I really did enjoy this film as I thought it really was cute and had a heart, I can imagine both adults and children loving this film for many different reasons. It is fun as we see the guardians helping each other out, collecting teeth for the tooth fairy and helping the Easter bunny with the eggs for Easter. I actually thought this film was going to have a Christmas theme but it was only mentioned rather than actually happening!

I mean in this Santa Claus has tattoos, naughty and nice on each arm which I thought was just fantastic. All it takes is one child to believe for them to exist. In this case the one child is Jamie, who eventually gives Jack his biggest wish . . . To be seen and believed in. Very lovely scenes it must be said, this gives a very nice message in the film that you can believe in things.

The film has its star names as the voices and I would never have guessed that Alec Baldwin was Santa! I always think that’s an added thing with animated films now if you don’t know who voices the characters it becomes a guessing game throughout the film.

This is probably one of the best animated films that I have seen in recent times and I really would recommend it, especially if you have children to take to see it. I think they would love the magic of them all. Does this film then make us think of Jack Frost? As I am sure we all mention him when it is frosty outside, for that reason I think having this film focus on Jack Frost was such an inspired idea.

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