Seven Psychopaths (2012) Review

Screenwriter Marty is struggling to write his latest film but has the title Seven Psychopaths. With help from his friend Billy he ends up being mixed up with all the wrong people in LA . . . Believe it or not psychopaths!

At times it is difficult to see where the film is and where his screenplay starts as we see some of the psychopaths stories as they would appear in the film. But are they just stories for a film with made up people? Well not really they all seem to be based on someone and most of it comes through Billy.

I have to admit that I had really been looking forward to this film, I really loved In Bruges and when you see McDonagh and Farrell reunited you cannot help but think that we are going to have another In Bruges on our hands. unfortunately other than those two being involved, this was no In Bruges for me. I found myself very disappointed with this film, I think I was expecting way too much from it!

So the main plot is based around two guys Billy and Hans who have a business of kidnapping dogs and then picking up the rewards for the lost dog! It all seems to be working well until Billy kidnaps the dog of gangster Charlie. This leads to some chase scenes and some shooting, or at times quite a lot of shooting?

While this is going on Marty is still attempting to write his screenplay or does it turn more into their story as it unfolds, that becomes difficult and unclear as the film goes on. I have to admit that Christopher Walken was my favorite in this film and my favorite moment came from him (and is in the trailer) with the gun being pointed at him.

I won’t spoil anything in the film as it does have its surprises and plenty of blood! (Just a slight warning in case people don’t like that type of thing). I cannot work out whether the film was trying to hard or I just expected way too much from it. It wasn’t awful, but I won’t be rushing to see it again right away.

I actually thought this film felt more like a Quentin Tarantino film from the very first scene. Maybe it was too much Tarantino for it’s own good?

2 thoughts on “Seven Psychopaths (2012) Review

  1. Good review Caz. Everybody here seems to be having a ball with this script and how could you not? It’s snappy, dark, hilarious, and altogether, unpredictable as to where the hell it’s going to go next. That’s what I always like to see in my crime movies, actually, just movies in general.


    • I don’t know, I guess I just wanted it to be more like In Bruges with loving that film so much. Maybe it’s a film I’ll have to watch a few times to end up really liking?


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