Miracle on 34th Street (1994) Review


When six-year-old Susan doubts if Santa Claus is real or not, she is in for a big surprise when Kris Kringle shows up!

Kris Kringle suddenly shows up at Cole’s Thanksgiving Day parade and quickly becomes their new Santa Claus, perfect choice considering he really does look like the real thing. Or at least what everyone imagines to be the real thing. For this very reason alone and how many times I watched this film as a child, Richard Attenborough for me is the perfect Santa Claus!

I know a lot of people go on about the original of this film but I have never actually seen it and that is because now I really don’t think I will like it as much as this one. I saw this one on its release and watched it a few times every Christmas. It was probably one of my favorite Christmas films. Watching it today I still totally love it, it is cute and has such an innocence about it all.

We even end up in court, but can it be possible to actually prove if Santa Claus really does exist? Surely that is not possible to prove right or wrong. That is something we are not even sure of when watching it, which way is it actually going to go?

But we also have a very nice family story going on as Susan attempts to play matchmaker for her mother and their neighbour Bryan. So we have a nice love story to go along with a story about Santa Claus and if he can really make your wishes and dreams come true at Christmas time?

Not only does Kris Kringle help the family he also helps out department store Cole’s who had been struggling up to Christmas. But having him as the in-store Santa Claus bring the people back to the store to see him and do the Christmas shopping as well.

I really do find this to be one of the best films to really get into the Christmas spirit. It has a little bit of everything when asking the age old question about Santa Claus.

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