The Rookie (2002) Review

Jimmy Morris coaches a high school Baseball team and makes a deal with his players that if they make the play-offs he will try out for the minor league. This is after they found out how good a pitcher he was and still is!

A baseball film which shows that someone does not just lose it in an older age if they never actually fulfilled their potential the first time round. So Jimmy is inspired by his high school team along with his young son who would love nothing more than to see his father playing in the major league of baseball. This is one of the highlights of the film, seeing the relationship between the father and son and how important a part a sport plays in this.

This film should give people hope that you should never give up on your dream if you never actually tried to make it happen. It’s telling you to make sure that you have at the very least tried to make your dream come true and gave it a good shot. That way you cannot think what if and wonder if you could have actually made it.

I did like that it all came about in a kind of bet with his young players that if they improved he would go and try out. I think sometimes young people forget that older people have had different things in their lives when they were younger as well. This film helps to show what can happen if something is found out, in this case how good a pitcher Jimmy still was!

I really do enjoy a good baseball film and this is another that you cannot help but like from start to finish, finding yourself totally involved in the story and willing Jimmy on to make it. The story doesn’t stop in the minor leagues though when he is soon called up to a team in the major league. I could easily sit and watch this film again enjoying it just as much as the first time round.

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