Why I think Les Mis will win Best Picture!

You may think this post is a little early, because the film hasn’t even been released yet and I have only seen two slightly different trailers which don’t really give much away at all. But let’s face it by those two trailers this film is screaming out for Academy Awards. The cast they have assembled for this is pretty incredible, for such a popular musical and bringing to the big screen.

I guess with this trailer we can view it as more of a teaser trailer and a good one at that, just showing the actors/characters with Anne Hathaway singing I dreamed a dream over this.

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Christmas 2012 at the Movies

As I was having a look back at different posts I have made on Christmas time I have decided that this post is now a must on the 1st of December considering I have done it for the past 2 years. Shall we now call it a tradition? Ok let’s call it that.

Here you can see the reviews for Christmas time films which are already on Let’s Go To The Movies, and you may well see more which I will watch over the festive period!

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Fred Claus (2007) Review

Holiday in Handcuffs (2007) Review

A Christmas Carol (2009) Review

Arthur Christmas (2011) Review


Back in 2010 . . . I completed my Top 10 list of Christmas films – Top 10 Christmas films