In Time (2011) Review

In a world where when you reach 25 years old you no longer age . . . Firstly this had me engaged as that is my age right now! But that doesn’t mean everyone is 25, how many times have they been 25 is the question. People live on time, with the digits in green on their arm.

Your arm tells you how much time you have left. Different things cost so many minutes, hours, days, months, years. Even something as simple as a cup of coffee or a bus journey. I liked the concept of the film, kind of gives a new meaning to the living on borrowed time thing. As you can give others time or take time from them. As you can imagine this does cause some chaos.

The world is split into different time zones which people don’t usually cross, so when Will from the Ghetto suddenly has a century to live questions are raised about how he got that time. Obviously the timekeepers are not going to believe the truth that a man gave him that amount of time and then “timed out”. I do realise that this review will have the word time in way too many times but honestly if you see the film you will understand.

Sylvia ends up being Will’s hostage as that seems to be his way to beat the system. But all is not as it seems, we have a slight “love” story with those two characters. Or as close to a love story as this film would get, as it’s not a massive part of the film, I would say it’s more of a sub-plot than massively effecting the main plot.

Justin Timberlake still manages to impress me with his acting, I mean obviously he is a very good-looking man but he shows he can really act and always seems to be very like-able. I wouldn’t really say much about the chemistry between Justin and Amanda Seyfried as I didn’t think it was all that great but the film didn’t try to have much of a love story. I am still not convinced with Seyfried but she does seem to pop up in a lot of films out.

Overall, I really enjoyed the concept of In Time and having so many years, months, days etc left to live. It gives you an option on what your going to do and you pretty much know when your time is up!

2 thoughts on “In Time (2011) Review

  1. I’m on the complete opposite end on this one. I thought the acting was horrible, especially at about the 24 minute mark when JT is in the car talking to the driver and says “There are more of these than I remember.” He stumbles over his lines, it’s pretty funny. Check it out if you get a chance. 🙂


    • Is it wrong though I expected him to be terrible and was actually more impressed with him, don’t think I put that in haha. I shall check your review out 🙂


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