End of Watch (2012) Review

A look into what it might be like to be a cop for the LAPD? Partly filmed in “real life” footage type with a video camera, which we get to see from Brian’s point of view.

I have a feeling that this review is going to be a hard one to write, as I don’t really think I liked this film. But I didn’t quite hate it, therefore I know its going to be much more difficult to get my point across about my thoughts on it. Most of the film is Brian and Mike talking and laughing in the Police car as they are driving around LA.

We get to see the depth of the friendship these two men have, calling each other brother showing how close they have become over the years. As they are on patrol they seem to keep getting involved in crimes which are much bigger than them. Especially when they are then marked targets after stumbling across crimes that they cannot quite believe themselves.

The criminals they start mixing with hate cops and really don’t care what they do. Also they swear a lot, actually they swear way too much. So much the use of the f-word really lost all meaning due to how many times they said it, every other word. I don’t mind swearing at all but found it totally pointless for the story and unneeded, honestly every other word?!?!

That is probably my biggest complaint about this film, which is probably a good thing. It had a pretty decent story line and a small insight into what cops have to put up with on a day to day basis. I think the way it builds up it becomes obvious that someone is going to die? I don’t see that as a spoiler as you will understand what I mean when you see the film. It just has that build up to it all, I am not going to say anymore than that.

Brian and Mike share all sorts of stories with one another and some very moving scenes at Brian’s wedding to Janet. Anna Kendrick really does seem to go from strength to strength. You cannot help but like Jake Gyllenhaal as well he really plays this character well along with the banter with Michael Pena. I think that is why this film is watchable even if I still cannot decide if I actually liked it or not?

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