The Magic of Belle Isle (2012) Review

I have to admit that I had never even heard of this film, until I saw it on Sky Movies Premiere a few days ago. So I decided to give it a watch last night. I mean it has Morgan Freeman in it so it had to be worth a watch! I thought that was true as well and found it to be a very nice Sunday night movie.

Morgan Freeman is Monte Wildhorn an author, or former author as we slowly learn that it has been a while since he wrote his last book. But his story is very complex and it takes the entire film to really find out what happened to him and how he ended up in a wheelchair. He is not going through the best of times and it takes a recently single mother of three girls to help Monte through this time.

But not only do they help him, he helps them as well. The performances were very good for a film which did not even make it onto the big screen in the UK. I can understand why as I don’t imagine it building up the audiences but it is well worth a watch if you are a fan of Freeman. You cannot help but like that man even if he did seem very grumpy at the start of this story. As it all unfolds you cannot but help feeling sorry for him as you see how much pain his life has caused him. Trying not to spoil any of the key points to this heartwarming tale.

The other story being the girls recently moving from Manhattan with their mother, struggling to come to terms with their parents getting divorced. This shows the difficulties faced for the children of all different ages when having to deal with parents splitting up.

Depression is a key theme in this film as well showing Monte really struggling and using alcohol in an attempt to help but this is something we see the progress of as he stops drinking when the girls really make an impact on his life. I think this film in some ways would give people hope, hope that it is not all lost even in the toughest of times. You can still manage to get through and lift yourself back up if you give people a chance to help you, even if you don’t realise they are at first.

I enjoy watching films like this as your never really sure what to expect!

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