Thunderball (1965) Review

James Bond heads to The Bahamas to recover two nuclear warheads stolen by SPECTRE agent Emilio Largo in an international extortion scheme.

The opening scene involving a man dressed as a woman fighting Bond, before he takes off using a jet pack sets this film up for another fine 007 adventure. As Tom Jones then belts out the theme song over the opening credits, you know this film means business.

Watching this film I think you can still understand that it was obviously groundbreaking at the time and some of the underwater effects are still pretty good. This film has one of my favorite Bond lines when he shoots an arrow at someone saying “I think he got the point” I remember watching this film for the first time years ago and finding that so amusing.

You cannot help but love watching Connery as Bond he really does have it all and you want him to succeed. The Bahamas as the setting for this film makes it so good to watch as well. The follow-up to Goldfinger is still a very good film and has it’s moments as well.

I still feel that certain things in this film had to be groundbreaking at the time, the jet pack and underwater scenes which may not look or seem like very much now with how far film has come are still very good and you cannot help but admire the film makers from the time with wanting to do something a little bit different.

But can 007 stop them from killing millions of innocent victims? Of course he can but you have to watch to see how!

8 thoughts on “Thunderball (1965) Review

  1. This one’s my least favourite of Connery’s lot. I love some of the one liners like “I think he gets the point” but I just find it really boring.

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