Skyfall (2012) Review

The time eventually arrived for Bond to return to the big screen, a third outing as 007 for Daniel Craig. The hype and build up around this film has been incredible, along with it being 50 years of James Bond everyone has been talking about this film.

I have also been looking forward to this film for so long now, especially with how good the two trailers were in the build up to the films release. We heard that M would have a bigger role in this film and she certainly does. Obviously Judi Dench is just perfect as the woman keeping Bond in check. But her past is about to come back and haunt her which results in a brilliant story line for the film to be based around.

The opening scenes of a Bond film usually give you an idea of how the film is going to go. This one starts with a car chase, Bond chasing the bad guy on top of a train, yes on top of a train and the take the hit scene from the trailer. Yes Bond gets shot and falls from the train into the water, cue Adele and the already popular and well-known theme song for the film. With very interesting opening credits.

The film has a very strong presence in London and very much based around MI6, especially with an attack on the building. I found this a very good way to approach a very modern Bond film, with terrorism being the main concern in the modern world. It all revolves around a list of agents and where they are working in the world, which would blow their cover and cost them their lives.

The film chances in pace throughout, at times it moves slowly which helps build up the tension but that is a good thing because the action is really incredible. Some of the scenes you find yourself gasping for breath as so much is going on all at once. The final scenes are just brilliant and I will not spoil anything, although some of it really does fall into place moments before it is all confirmed (you will know what I mean when you see the film).

The performances from the entire cast are just top class, Daniel Craig continues to grow in the role as Bond showing plenty of emotion throughout as we get more insight into his past. Judi Dench her usual brilliant self but takes M to another level with her involvement throughout. Javier Bardem is a joy to watch as the bad guy, in such a camp yet sadistic manner from start to finish the blonde wig really adds to his character as well. Ralph Fiennes shows what he does best in an interesting role. Ben Whishaw really added something to the film in his role as Q, creating some brilliant scenes with 007.

Bringing Q back into the picture really created some funny and nice moments with Bond. We still had some brilliant one liners and exchanges between the different characters. While the film was so modern it also managed to be a classic Bond film as well, and gave us everything we would expect from a Bond film. I can see comparisons between this film and Nolan’s Batman series, I wonder if anyone else sees that as well?

I really did enjoy this film from start to finish and will be going to see it again! I was starting to get a little scared that with all the build up and praise that this film would be a little disappointing . . . But for me that was not the case, I really loved this film. Dare I say roll on Bond 24, we already know how some of it is going to start!!!

9 thoughts on “Skyfall (2012) Review

  1. So jealous you’ve seen this already! Glad that you enjoyed it from start to finish, I sure hope I would too as I’ve been anticipating this so much!


    • Ruth, I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did. So many things happen, but you know I never put spoilers in reviews! Many twists and turns along the way, just brilliant!


      • Ok say no more!! I’ve been so excited for this for months, even started a 007 series as part of Skyfall countdown! Glad to hear it’d likely live up to my expectations, thanks Caz!


        • I tried to review as many as I could before Skyfall’s release but failed. Still going to try and watch all the other Bond films though. Did you see my recreating the movie post for Skyfall this morning?


    • He certainly done that, he was so creepy in such a brilliant camp way! Still love the line about mommy being bad, even though its in the trailer too! Just brilliant.


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