Goldfinger (1964) Review

Often said to be the best ever Bond film . . . With very good reason! Sean Connery is back as Bond and makes an enemy of Goldfinger.

Everyone knows Odd Job and the very famous hat, the scene with the lasers which has been spoofed in everything, the golf game is just brilliant and of course the Bond girl being painted fully gold. That’s just a short summary of some of the most memorable things from this film. But I missed probably the main one and most well-known Bond girl . . . Pussy Galore which creates one of the most memorable Bond lines ever on a plane.

This Bond film really does have everything and you cannot help but like it from start to finish. It keeps you on the edge of your seat and massively enjoyable. Bond must stop Goldfinger and his crew from raiding Fort Knox in an attempt to obliterate the world economy.

The main thing about Goldfinger is that he hates to lose, this is something Bond works out very early on and keeps doing things to really annoy Goldfinger which obviously makes him rather angry. I really enjoyed the round of Golf, when Bond and his Caddy keep changing the ball round to reveal that Goldfinger is in fact cheating. That may not sound the most exciting of scenes but it was so simple that you cannot help but admire it.

So if you want to watch a classic Bond in action film which has a very strong female character in Pussy Galore, plenty of action and a good story line this is the one to watch!

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