On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) Review

The one after Sean Connery . . . It was always going to be difficult for another actor to step into the role George Lazenby attempted to in this film. He is regarded as the worst Bond and only made one film.

I think the main problem with this film is that it tried way too hard to be a Connery Bond and Lazenby just was not the same at all. When watching I really wasn’t filled with any hope as before the opening song/credits he turned to the screen and said “this never happened to the other guy” it really does set it up for a fail.

Another thing I found overkill in this film was the music, seemed to have loads of songs over different parts of the film, I’m not complaining about the Bond theme being used though as I liked those parts. It just seemed to have overkill with the music.

But this film is a little different from the rest, James Bond falls in love and gets married! Yes, that’s right he gets married and the ending is pretty sad (I’m sure most people have seen it – if not the whole film). So it did try to be something a little bit different to what we are used to seeing from Bond films. I guess it had to try.

The fight scenes are rather over the top especially the very first scene in the sea. I mean I was told not to bother watching this Bond film, but curiosity got the better of me and I felt that I needed to watch it just to be able to say I’d seen it and be able to agree that it really isn’t good at all. Which it wasn’t, it just seems to lack something or should that be everything?

I guess trying to replace Sean Connery and coming after him was such a massive task and was never really going to be successful.

7 thoughts on “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) Review

  1. This film seems to have a massive following for some reason but I completely agree with you! I think it has good moments like the emotional death of Mrs Bond but it just doesn’t work as a whole. I feel like Casino Royale did the job of this film, just a lot better. I will disagree with you on the music though. This is my second favourite Bond soundtrack behind You Only Live Twice.

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