Taken 2 (2012) Review

The families of the men he killed in Paris are not willing to let it go . . . they are after revenge. I was never actually a fan of the first film (yes in the minority it seems) so I didn’t really hold much hope of liking this film either. Which I didn’t really enjoy it in the end it felt like a rather pointless exercise on trying to cash in on what had been a very successful first film. I guess the main thing I can take out of this film is that I actually liked the daughter better in this one, instead of being the victim she actually managed to help!

So really this film is more of the same in killing and action wise like the first one, minus an epic phone conversation . . . which let’s face it was the best moment in the first film, the most talked about and well known. Being in the trailer and creating the big interest around the film.

Anyway Taken 2 is exactly what the title expects someone is taken (again) and Liam Neeson must try and get her back . . . oh wait a minute he’s been taken as well! Slight spoiler in that but I had to mention it, as this leads to some crazy scenes of being blindfolded and managing to count in seconds and turns to figure out where you are . . . sounds strange . . . it’s even worse to actually watch.

I have tried not to make this review full of hate but I really didn’t enjoy this film. Probably a bad idea to go and see it even though I was in the minority and did not like the first one at all. This has some decent fight scenes but it is really nothing special. I don’t understand why so many people have rushed to the cinema to see this film . . .

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