From Russia With Love (1963) Review

James Bond must retrieve a Soviet encryption device Lektor before an evil group SPECTRE finds it first, naturally a love interest is also involved Tatiana Romanova a Russian woman with an agenda of her own?

Connery is back as James Bond and this film has plenty of action and a strong story line to keep the audience gripped from start to finish. Asking questions and wondering if Bond will be able to complete his mission. A woman always seems to be the downfall for Bond and you cannot help but wonder how everything is going to work out with the Russian in this one.

The screen presence Connery offers as Bond is truly fantastic he really is charming and keeps you entertained throughout the entire film. I really enjoy this outing for 007, I think scenes on trains really do work so well and that is no different in this film. It always seems more exciting when fighting happens on a moving train, especially when plots to jump off the train are being made. Never dull when on a train!

While the pacing at times throughout this film may be a little on the slow side, this does not stop it being an enjoyable experience. It needs character build up and for the audience to be able to follow the story line. We have to care about James Bond and I think we really do in this film.

You have to love how Bond manages to get himself out of very tricky situations, the gadgets and tricks he pulls still look good now and you can appreciate them. Especially the suitcase to stop himself from being shot, that will make much more sense if you have seen the film!

I think this 007 film would be high up on a list of my favorites!

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