Casino Royale (2006) Review

Daniel Craig’s first outing as James Bond . . . We go back to the very beginning and in his first mission as a 00 agent, Bond must stop Le Chiffre a banker with very high stakes on a poker game.

I can still remember seeing this film at the cinema 6 years ago and how amazed I was by this film from start to finish. Watching it now I still love it and think it was one of the best films from 2006. I really did enjoy everything about it, yes I may have just fell in love with Daniel Craig a little . . . Ok the part when he got out of the water in those blue trunks and when he put the suit on for the first time!

But other than that he really was brilliant as Bond, in such a different way to we have seen the character played in the past. Still with one liners, slightly more serious but still very like-able. The way he gets his first Aston Martin, the creation of his drink and his way with women.

It’s all there but with a good solid story line as well, focusing on terrorism and following a trail to find out who is at the source of it all. The source being funding it, this leads to Le Chiffre but something has happened with all the money investors placed with him. Leading to a big stake poker game, which Bond gets involved with having to win to stop the attempted terrorism.

We have the usually women in film, but Vesper really gets to 007 and it is very obvious that he falls in love with her. Something we do not see very often with Bond. But is she really as simple as it first appears? Working for the government with no hidden agenda . . . Obviously not, they never do. I won’t spoil what that is. Judi Dench kept her role as M and with very good reason when you see her performance in this film.

The plot keeps you guessing throughout and leaves you breathless throughout as you really care about what happens to Bond. It’s different seeing him in love and some of my favorite quotes come from this film. I thought the best thing was the “Bond . . . James Bond” line as you are waiting for it from the very start! It is well worth the wait.

8 thoughts on “Casino Royale (2006) Review

  1. It’s more of Jason Bourne movie than an actual James Bond flick, but it’s still fun to watch none the less and you can’t help but think of how great Craig was for this role. Seriously, the guy kicks ass as Bond and I’am totally on board with him playing it for 3 more movies. Good review.


  2. Thanks for tweeting this one out so I can read it haha! I remember the first time I saw that parkour sequence. It blew my mind so much. I also LOVE Eva Green so very much thanks to this film… Oh Eva, those eyes so dreamy…


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