What’s Your Number? (2011) Review

When Ally reads an article in a magazine asking What’s Your Number? She realises that she is nearly double of the national average of 10.5 lovers. This makes her re-value her lifestyle and life in general looking back at her 20 lovers trying to find out if any of them are the one . . .

I actually enjoyed this film more than I thought I would, as I remember seeing the trailers at the cinema before it’s release and thinking that it sounded too silly. But actually it was more thought out than that and had a good message at its heart. I can also imagine it making women think about their number and evaluate which direction their life is heading in.

So I would have to say give this film a chance you may like it for what it is a rom-com! Pretty good compared to ones in recent years, yes it is predictable but you want it to be and you want the ending. You grow to care about them, you want them to both be happy. I liked the way they actually got together, they were right for each other it just took them quite a while to realise.

I guess this film is able to give single women hope that it doesn’t matter how many men you have actually been with that you can still find happiness when you least expect it and with someone you would never actually expect. So I was very surprised with how much I enjoyed and liked this film as usually find Anna Faris making roles silly rather than actually believable, but not in this case I actually liked her character. Who doesn’t like Chris Evans?

I would actually recommend this is a quite good romantic comedy in the past few years!

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