Total Recall (2012) Review

Doug Quaid a factory worker begins to suspect that he cannot remember somethings after having the same recurring dream. He decides to visit Rekall but the simple checks go wrong when it turns out he was a spy, who had his memory changed . . .

Not sure what to do and believe Doug goes on the run as he attempts to figure out what exactly is going on. But he obviously hasn’t totally had his memory wiped as the skills he used as a spy are very clear. He was originally called Hauser and had set himself reminders and videos in a hope to help his new self if something had ever happened to him.

The film really was enjoyable and gripping from start to finish as the audience we just wanted answers and to know who Doug was and what he used to do, so many different mind tricks were used to try and confuse him even more as it seemed he was very high risk. Even though he couldn’t actually remember anything about his previous life. Melina who was the woman from his ‘dream’ managed to find him quite quickly which lead to a brilliant car chase. It also takes quite a while for her character to really come out but it is worth the wait to find out who exactly she is.

The action was brilliant with so many chases and a cat/mouse style game going on with Lori chasing him from the moment he went home and found out she wasn’t really his wife of 7 years! Which was the perfect time for a fight scene and the chase to really start. It really was gripping and I really did enjoy the film, as it managed to have funny moments not taking itself too seriously which is always a good thing to see in a film like this one.

Colin Farrell was a brilliant choice in the lead role and really is likeable so the audience actually care what is going to happen to him. The part of the chase which I thought looked so brilliant was in all of the different lifts (elevators) moving around and jumping across. It really did look visually so good and had some heart stopping moments.

The way the world was working in this film it had different places such as the Colony which Hauser was trying to protect from an invasion from Cohaagen. This lead to a fantastic final few scenes, which I shall not spoil but it looks so good! The film keeps you on the edge of your seat and wondering what is possibly going to happen next and that can only be a good thing.

I really did find myself enjoying everything about this film, well maybe not everything Kate Beckinsdale’s hair in front of her face and the way she was running was rather annoying as it looked funny more than anything else. But if that is my biggest complaint about this film then it really has done well. I found an added bonus being Bill Nighy even if his amount of screen time was very short.

I would recommend this film to anyone who likes a good action film with plenty going on. I am going as far as saying this is one of the best films I have seen so far this year, yes that is a bold statement but I really did enjoy this film and would watch it again.

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