Picture Perfect (1997) Review

Kate (Aniston) is working in advertising but is passed up on a promotion due to her single lifestyle. A friend and colleague then mentions that Kate is in fact engaged . . . to the man she met once at a wedding. This causes many lies and stories to be made up.

This romantic comedy tried to be a little bit different but it does end up with the usual ending and clichés throughout. Kate not only uses her new-found fiance to progress at work but also start an “affair” up with Sam (Bacon) who never noticed her until he found out she was engaged. Something which she seems very happy with, until he finds out the truth, it just shows that you really do have to think about yourself first.

Thinking of the time this film was released Jennifer Aniston would have been at the height of the Friends fame and therefore very popular, her character was very much Rachel from Friends. Something we have seen in many of her rom-com attempts over the years. Why not really as that is a much-loved character and her performance is very much in that mold.

I have seen this film a few times now and it is watchable but it certainly isn’t the best. The story line of pretending to be engaged to Nick but then actually getting him to go along with it when they met just once is a bit of a stretch even for a rom-com. You have to keep somethings a little bit believable, especially when you notice how it is all going to end!

I wouldn’t really recommend this film highly but if you do like Aniston it would be worth a watch as it does bring out some good moments for her, but if you don’t definitely stay clear of this film as you wouldn’t enjoy it at all. A kind of love triangle is built but it really isn’t very strong, maybe it’s all more lust than anything to do with love!

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