50 Years On and Marilyn Will Never Be Forgotten

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the death of Marilyn Monroe, you wouldn’t think that it had been that long as she is still very much in everyone’s lives. She is constantly referenced in songs and films, a lot of her films are classics and still shown on TV. She was without a doubt one of a kind and I find her fascinating, amazing and incredible. She played the dumb blonde role on so many occasions but was far from that! She was so much more and that is why I love her!

No story is more tragic than the life Marilyn had, it was never easy but she just seemed to get on with it. She was full of controversy even after her death rumours spread which she was not able to deny, I always find that terrible as it seemed as though people would not let her rest in peace. Let’s face it she was just a girl who wanted to be loved and be happy, and who doesn’t want that?

Blood Brothers

Having been to see this musical at the theatre earlier this year, I was very happy to hear the song titled ‘Marilyn Monroe’ as she really played a massive part in describing the story in the show. I hadn’t really heard much of the music before hand but really loved the tribute to Marilyn in the song. Which is reprise three times throughout, with slightly different lyrics but all mean so much.

Nicki Minaj – Marilyn Monroe

An amazing tribute song to such an idol, I really love how they have a few quotes in and address how difficult life must have been for Marilyn. Inspiring us that if she could do it so can we. So even in 2012 the 50th year since her untimely death tributes are being paid in song to the fabulous actress.

My Week with Marilyn (2011) – My Review

The film based on a book and brought to the big screen with Michelle Williams putting in a brilliant performance as Monroe which really was captivating from start to finish. Just showing that she is still very much capable of being the main focus in a film, baring in mind this film is based on the making of another film! Which does not happen very often at all.

Smash (2012) TV Show

Premiered this year, it’s about a production of a Broadway show based on Marilyn’s life. This just shows that Monroe is still well thought about 50 years after her death, just backing up my thoughts on this blog post. The TV series has been a massive hit in the US and I am watching from the UK on Sky Atlantic. Hopefully a lot of people are really appreciating this well thought about TV series which just shows what it’s like behind the scenes on Broadway. One thing is for sure I really want to see this musical about Marilyn, such a shame it is just a TV show.

So even in 2012 which marks the 50th year since Marilyn’s death she is a the main subject of a TV show and in song lyrics and has songs about her. She is still one of the biggest stars, even with her tragic untimely death. I really do think it is such a sad story as all she ever wanted was to be loved and happy. Her legacy will forever live on, as will her very famous quotes about pretty much everything. But it always seemed to go back to love and men. “It’s not true I had nothing on, I had the radio on” – one of my personal favorites. She always seemed to have such a good sense of humour even if people were trying to trap her. Saying the unexpected she really was something else. Another who appeared to be too far ahead of her time and wanting to be equal but will rather old-fashioned values as well.

I still have a few of her films which I have not seen yet and are on my must see lists! I really do want to see everything Marilyn made and enjoy each and every one of her films. The one’s I have seen are just fantastic I am sure I won’t be disappointed in the rest.

RIP forever Marilyn Monroe . . . Norma Jean ❤


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