Magic Mike (2012) Review

The story of Mike a male stripper . . . But he’s more than that!

Well from the trailers and knowing that the film is about male strippers I really wasn’t expecting it to be very good. But how bad this film actually is surprised me as I didn’t think it was possible to dislike pretty much everything about a film. The lack of plot and terrible acting really do make it a very painful experience from start to finish. That may sound like I am being very harsh but if you decide to give this film a chance I am sure you will fully understand what I mean.

Mike meets Adam aka The Kid and takes him under his wing introducing him to the world of male strippers. The partying the women and drugs. You can see this is not going to end very well but not entirely sure which direction it is going to go. Adam has a sister Brooke (possibly the worst ever attempt at acting) who is quite frankly pathetic and you can’t even say her concern for her brother looked real at all.

The acting was awkward from pretty much the whole cast who did not look comfortable with it at all. It’s not about the stripping it is about Mike trying to make something of his life and saving up for his dream, but the question is will he reach it. I won’t spoil that for you though as it does take a small twist to the story. I kept expecting it to take a turn and suddenly get better but it never did.

I will admit though I was lured into the film with the thoughts of Channing Tatum with a very small amount of clothing on and I am sure most of the women who will see this film do so for the very same reason. The biggest surprise for me came when I realised that Kevin Nash a former wrestler was one of the strippers as well!

I am not going to recommend this film to anyone as it really has nothing good to offer. I just cannot get over how bad the acting was in scenes which could have been very heartfelt and actually made the film have more of a point than it actually did. I was hoping the end would come much sooner and that is not how I often feel when sat in the cinema watching a film.

4 thoughts on “Magic Mike (2012) Review

  1. I had a great time with this flick, which totally surprised me because it’s not really targeted towards me at all. Problem with this flick is that the story can get predictable at times, but I still enjoyed the style from Soderbergh, and amazing performances from this ensemble that feels carefully picked in all of the right ways. Great review Caz. Like the new look as well!


    • It’s strange isn’t it that men seem to actually like this film when it probably isn’t aimed towards them at all. I just found the acting awful in the film. Hopefully the new look makes everything easier to read 🙂


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