The Firm (1993) Review

Mitch McDeere is a young man with a very promising future. About to sit the Bar exam to become a lawyer he is approached by “The Firm”. Everything seems to good to be true with the gifts and money they are giving him, probably because it is . . .

Mitch is approached by the FBI who are asking him for information and copies of files from The Firm. This is obviously illegal and would see him lose his life. But the only other problem is if he stays with The Firm he would lose his life as well, when the FBI actually got what they wanted. Leaving The Firm is not an option, he finds out lawyers who have tried to leave have ended up dead.

Mitch is tested in many different ways and often set up in different ways to see what he will actually do. Including cheat on his wife with a random woman on the beach. Although she was not that random and set up by Avery, his mentor at the firm.

As Avery I found Gene Hackman extremely creepy and freaked me out a lot. I guess this was how he was supposed to be as the character but it really did create another edge to the film. I just kept thinking he was going to do something and in the end he wasn’t as bad as you expected him to be. I’d say he was more misunderstood and only wanted to be happy.

I very much enjoyed the thriller aspect of the film and found it keeping you on the edge of your seat as the climax was taking place. Especially with Mitch running from two men trying to kill him as he as information which they want back for the Firm. I thought Tom Cruise was very well cast and believable as the very ambitious young lawyer and we really want him to win and not be taken over by the Firm.

So overall I found this film to be a good thriller keeping you guessing what was going to happen next, with some brilliant performances.

2 thoughts on “The Firm (1993) Review

  1. Don’t ever read the book. 1993 was back in the era when Cruise was only allowed to play squeaky-clean characters. In the book, McDeere isn’t nearly as clean as he is in the film, and the last third of the movie veers significantly from the book to accommodate the Cruise image back then.

    With the exception of Tolkein’s works, the screenwriters for “The Firm” have caused me to NEVER watch a movie if I’ve read the book that it’s based off of (or vice versa).


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