Lay the Favorite (2012) Review

Beth a 30-something woman who is sick and tired of her life as a stripper, decides to make a big move to Las Vegas to become a waitress . . .

Yes that sounds very random and the film as a whole is rather random from start to finish. It does have some very amusing moments, which I could not help but laugh at (some of it for being rather silly).

I’ll admit it though the main reason I decided I wanted to see this film was because Catherine Zeta Jones is in it, but unfortunately not in it often enough. But she did supply the best moment with a very unexpected use of the ‘c’ word!

I think the biggest problem I had with this film was Rebecca Hall’s performance as Beth, I just found her extremely annoying throughout the film and couldn’t help but cringe with the acting we saw unfold before us . . . it just was not believable as a character (especially when we find out that the film is based on true events, although that probably doesn’t mean too much).

Bruce Willis’ character was very strange a times too, I couldn’t help but laugh at how he was dressed with the shorts and long socks looked so silly! He was the man in Vegas who was beating the system to ensure his business of betting was not illegal. While Beth causes a few problems with his wife, which was bound to happen.

This film just felt like it didn’t have much of a point and seemed a waste of time in the end. I was rather surprised to see that it is based on a book, which was based on true events as it just didn’t seem real in any way at all. The last month or so hasn’t been the best for seeing films at the cinema, but this one wasn’t all bad. At least we had a couple of laughs to get us through. Hopefully heading more into the summer will bring some better films out very soon!

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