7 Bruce Springsteen Songs at the Movies

On June 21st 2012 I shall be in the Stadium of Light in Sunderland at a Bruce Springsteen concert! I thought the ideal way to tie that concert into a movie blog would be to pick 7 of The Boss’ songs for this special list!

I have to admit that I am very excited about seeing Springsteen in concert especially after finding out he’s going to be on the stage for a very impressive 3 and a half hours . . . I guess that’s exactly why he is The Boss!

The Wrestler – The Wrestler

Streets of Philadelphia – Philadelphia

Dead Man Walkin’ – Dead Man Walking

Secret Garden  – Jerry Maguire

The River – High Fidelity

Hungry Heart – Risky Business/Wedding Singer

Growin’ Up – Gracie

7 thoughts on “7 Bruce Springsteen Songs at the Movies

  1. It’s funny- I’m over here in New Jersey and saw him a few weeks later in September 2012. Bruce is a local (I teach near his old hometown) and I finally got to see him live for the Wrecking Ball tour. Very unassuming guy- he used to be on the boardwalk near our local beach all the time when my father was in college. You can’t beat The Boss for good movie music!

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    • The Wrecking Ball tour was my first and I saw him again this year in Coventry. I lived in New Jersey in 2009, which considering Bon Jovi are my all time favourites as well as the Boss!

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      • No kidding! Where in NJ? Yeah, Jon and Bruce are our local-boys-done-good stories. Jon set up a soup kitchen in my old hometown RIGHT after I moved away in 2014. I was so disappointed. My fiancee’s a big fan of his so we’ve seen him two or three times together but I finally got her to appreciate Bruce for Wrecking Ball. Have you read his new book? Haven’t gotten to it yet but my dad says it’s great.

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