Snow White and the Huntsman (2012) Review

The classic fairy tale with a few twists along the way in this action and adventure retelling of the story.

The film starts with us seeing Snow White born and then as a young child when the worst thing happens to her and she loses her mother. But it is about to get even worse than that when her father marries Ravenna. This woman seeks power and eternal beauty and youth. The only person who stands in her way is the fairest of them all . . . Snow White.

We see Snow White being locked away and war breaking out as Ravenna keeps taking young women to fest on their souls to keep her appearance young and fresh. Her brother always by her side ends up letting Snow White escape one day. This leads the Queen to hire a Huntsman to find her after she disappears into the dark forest.

I really think the ideas behind this film are rather refreshing taking a children’s fairy tale and turning it into a rather epic adventure in this film. All of the elements we remember from the story are in the film but in a slightly different way. This is more adult and has some brilliant battle/fight scenes.

I thought Chris Hemsworth done a very good job on his role as the Huntsman but everyone was overshadowed by the truly evil and sadistic performance from Charlize Theron as the Queen. Her performance is truly haunting and just pretty amazing in every way. It wasn’t too much it was spot on, I even felt sorry for her at one point as we found out she was cursed as a young girl which drove her mad to keeping her beauty. I still cannot understand though how Kristen Stewart keeps getting big roles, an actress who shows no emotion changes in any film? I just don’t get it or get her. I think the fact she was Snow White was the biggest let down of the film.

I thought the dwarfs brought a very welcomed part of humour to the film (whether that was intentional or not) they made it more lighthearted at times when it seemed to be getting very serious. But also some emotional moments as well, and making the number of the dwarfs to seven was a nice touch. It was brilliant realizing which actors where actually playing the dwarfs as well.

Overall though I enjoyed this film even though at times some of it was a little bit strange, I didn’t see that as a bad thing. I thought some of the scenes were really visually very good. Especially a couple involving the crows, I really thought that looked just brilliant. Has Theron brought us one of the best ever evil women performances on film in this role? I guess time will tell!

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