Fifty Shades of Grey Book Review

The first book in the much talked about Fifty Shades trilogy gives us the starting point in the relationship between Ana and the mysterious Christian Grey. This book is intense and very erotic, the way I have heard it described the most though is filthy. I didn’t actually think it was that filthy (I’m not entirely sure what that says about me though). I thought the detail was rather incredible at times, but I felt like I could relate to parts of it for the intensity of feelings towards someone.

I believe that we are drawn towards people in a lust at first sight way which is totally what happens in this book. Certainly people we just have to be with, I think that’s one of the reasons why I enjoyed this book so much and the start of a story I think I am really going to love as I am already wanting to read the second book to find out what happens next.

Looking past the bondage and “punishment” way of life Christian seems to be accustomed to, you can just feel that there is so much more to it all than that’s what he actually wants. We see him doing many firsts with Ana which seem to be more personal and close. It really is a fascinating relationship and we are never really sure which way it is going to go.

I think from the point of view of Ana every woman can relate to giving a man a chance in a hope that you can eventually change him, which obviously never happens. But then again I do still have 2 more books to read in this series!

The character of Christian Grey is a billionaire and only 28 so that does sound so appealing. He buys Ana things, even though she doesn’t actually want them. But not little things you know a car, MacBook Pro, Blackberry etc. Things that he wants her to have mainly so he can keep in constant contact with her. Oh yeah did I mention he’s a control freak and seems to have slight stalker tendencies?

The sex in the book is described in detail and it sounds very hot and erotic because of that. I haven’t read this kind of book before so not used to reading sex in that way. I thought it was brilliant the level of detail and I think that’s one of the reasons the book is so popular as women can either relate to it or really want that to happen to them. I guess I am one of the lucky ones in that sense.

So the very whirlwind story of Christian and Ana has a fantastic start and I really cannot wait to see where it takes us in the next book! I totally understand why so many people are talking about this book, and have jumped well and truly on the bandwagon!


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