7 Musicals I Want Made into Movies

After the release of the Les Mis trailer and Rock of Ages coming to the cinema very soon. It has inspired me to think of the musicals I have seen on the stage and those I would love to see adapted to the big screen.

In the Heights

I saw this on Broadway the day before it won the Tony Award (I was also at the Tony Awards that year) and it really is just incredible. It’s so different and has rap style to some of the songs, you would have never seen anything like this before. It does have a 2014 page on IMDb but nothing has been updated on that for a few years now. So I guess it’s still watch this space.

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Les Misérables (2012) Trailer

The first official trailer for the much-anticipated musical movie version of the much-loved stage show. I really like the trailer and I think having “Dreamed a Dream” being sung over the trailer is such a brilliant idea. I cannot wait until December to see this film on the big screen. It really is going to be good with the fantastic cast they have for the film!