Men in Black III (2012) Review

When alien Boris the Animal escapes from prison 40 years after Agent K arrested him, everything is changed when a time jump is involved. Meaning Agent J must travel back in time to save his partner and work with the younger Agent K.

We are back with the Men in Black for a third time and it really does not disappoint. We have the laughs the partnership between Smith and Jones brings to the film. But we also get a lot of questions answered along the way. How K became the way he was, we keep hearing that something changed him and we eventually find out exactly what that was. In a moment which I found very moving but quite heart wrenching at the same time. That really surprised me as it was not something I was expecting from this film.

Agent J has to head back in time to save K after Boris time jumps and kills K in the past. Meaning J never actually met him, he is the only one who can remember K being his partner. As to everyone else he died 40 years earlier, O is the one who eventually begins to realise what has happened and gives J some help.

He must travel back to 1969 to stop the time jumping Boris from killing K. This is not as simple and easy as he first thinks. Especially when he was warned not to talk to K and ends up working with him. Josh Brolin was such a brilliant choice to play the younger K and really just have the same characteristics which Jones had given in the role.

I wasn’t expecting to enjoy the film as much as I did, I thought it was going to be disappointing. But I really did like it from start to finish. It reminded me how good Will Smith is at comedy roles and how good he is to watch in this type of film. I really think this is a good cinema experience, especially as I probably saw the first two in the cinema when they were released as well.

2 thoughts on “Men in Black III (2012) Review

  1. Good review Caz. Had a lot of fun with this flick, but definitely wasn’t as good as the first. Still, a lot better than the second and that’s all that matters.


    • Glad you had fun with this film, as I thought that was the best thing about it. Sometimes you just want to watch a film which is fun and entertaining. I think that’s exactly what this film is.


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