American Reunion (2012) Review

13 Years later the gang are back for the high school reunion and realise that being an adult is not as much fun as they thought when they were still in high school/college.

We know exactly what to expect from this film and we are not let down with this installment of the American Pie films, I have only seen the first two which I think is the way it should be. I really did love those films when I was a teenager, although I hadn’t seen them for so long.

It doesn’t take us long to see where our favorite characters are Jim and Michelle have a child and are struggling with their sex life in the marriage and haven’t been communicating with each other very well, but in true American Pie style and with reference to band camp that all changes at the end.

Kevin is married but seeing Vicki again throws up questions about how much he loves his wife, seeing his first love again. I liked how this storyline was done as it just shows how difficult it can be when you see your first love again after a long time.

Stifler shows that he has never changed and still wishes that he was in high school, the rest of the group feel that he has not grown up and living in the past. This hurts him and he really does realise that he is not a teenager anymore. This is after some very funny Stifler moments!

It was nice to see them all back for what we are guessing is the final time, but I guess never say never. It came across as such a fitting end to what started 13 years ago! Yes I know that is incredibly scary, but the new generation of high school kids at the beach just made them feel old and hope they weren’t like that when they were young. I guess that’s something we can all relate to as we start to get older, we think the next generation are much worse than we ever were.

So while the film was predictable and exactly what we expected, it didn’t stop me from enjoying it and laughing throughout at the types of jokes we want from this type of film.

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