Battleship (2012) Review

A fleet of ships is forced to do battle with an armada of unknown origins, from a different planet which were contacted at the very start of the film . . .

Yes it really is as strange as it sounds, some type of aliens are invading the earth and it will end up looking very much like the battleship game everyone probably played as a child. I was wondering how that was going to fit in for quite a while into the film, but I thought the way they worked that part out was very good.

Overall though I was rather bored and found the film very slow to begin with and by the time the big action started I had already given up on the film. I wasn’t completely into it and just wanted it to end really.

Our main character is Alex Hopper who signed up to the Navy when his brother was sick of his silly behaviour and messing his life up. So a new start saw Alex being in the Navy just in time for the alien attack, time to make himself a hero? Well you can’t count someone out especially after they are just told they are going to be kicked out of the Navy!

Rihanna also makes her film debut in a role which could have been filled by any actress really, guess it just shows that she is trying a new career route? So I didn’t really give much thought to her performance, other than it being a long way from her music career.

I heard mixed things about this film, a lot of people I talked to liked it but a few said it was ok. I would place myself more in the ok, but I really did not like this film. I certainly won’t be watching it again!

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