The Hunger Games (2012) Review

May the odds be forever in your favour . . . 

The Hunger Games are a yearly event which takes place, when at reaping a girl and a boy are chosen at random from all of the 12 districts. In a post apocalyptic world where the different districts have been ruled by the Capitol for years and this is where the orders for the Hunger Games to happen come from.

We meet Katniss as the film begins with her younger sister who is involved in the reaping for the first time at 12 years old. We then see her in the woods with a male friend Gale, who she hunts with collecting food, helping each other and keeping their families alive.

We are shown that district 12 is not the best place to live and each day is a fight to survival and keep yourself alive. It is not easy but Katniss seems to have her life sorted out and enough things that they really need. We are also quickly shown how important the reaping day is and how much effort everyone goes to, dressing in their very best clothes.

As the reaping takes place we are introduced to a phrase which is often repeated “may the odds be forever in your favour” – this is about how many times your name has been placed into the pot for the selection of the tribute. We soon see some drama when Prim’s name is called out but Katniss cannot bear to let her younger sister go and volunteers to be the tribute in her place. This is not something that happens very often. The boy tribute going with her is Peeta. A boy she seems to recognise.

We see Katniss battle to survive whilst “playing” the Hunger Games, but staying strong for her sister. We are shown the insight into the people in Capitol making things happen from start to finish. I thought the film was very well put together, we supported the characters and wanted them to win right from the start.

Bring on the next one!

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