Angels in the Outfield (1994) Review

A young boy Roger who’s mother had died and he was not living with his father, prayed for a family if the Angels Baseball team won the pendant. Real angels then appear to help the boy and team!

It isn’t long before Roger and his friend JP become friends with the coach of the Angels who wants them at every game or at least on the phone as they watch. So Roger can tell him who the angel is going to help in the next play. This gives everyone around the team such hope that Roger is a lucky charm for them, as they had not been able to win a game all season.

Danny Glover was a brilliant choice for the role of the coach, as he had the perfect mix of being mean to begin with. Then being totally taken over by the two kids who really change his views on everything. Becoming a role model to the two boys and changing his approach to coaching the team.

This film is very much aimed towards children and family viewing and for that it really does tick all of the boxes for an enjoyable family film about a sport. Baseball comes across as a very popular sport for it’s fans and this film is no different in that sense. Just shows you how much children can love a team and a game.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt puts in a brilliant performance at such a young age and really does keep us engaged from start to finish. We cannot help but to feel sorry for him but then be so happy for him the next moment.

One thought on “Angels in the Outfield (1994) Review

  1. Wow? Angels in The Outfield is A Great Sport Movie And Film Ever Made In 1994 And The
    Film Story is Thrilling And Uplifting And The Casts Were Great And Well-Performed And Bi
    g Thumbs Up For Joseph Gordon Levitt And He Did A Great Job In This Best Movie “Angel
    s In The Outfield” And For Danny Glover I’m Not Completely Satistified About His Tempere
    d Character As The Angel Coach And We Avoid Him By Not Being His Fans And Only For
    Joseph Gordon Levitt Because He’s A Great Boy In The Movie “Angels In The Outfield” A
    nd Away With This Guy Danny Glover! Thank You!

    PS OH, Man Fuck Danny Glover For His Tempered Character In The “Angels In The Field”
    And Who Wants To Know This Tempered Foolish Man! Geez, Stupid Retarded Guy!


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