7 Best Picture Winning Films I Haven’t Seen Yet

These films must be on my to see list! But I want your opinions on whether they are worthy of wining the Best Picture Oscar? Let me know if they are must see’s or not!

All Quiet on the Western Front

It Happened One Night

On The Waterfront


Annie Hall

Driving Miss Daisy

Schindler’s List

20 thoughts on “7 Best Picture Winning Films I Haven’t Seen Yet

  1. “It Happened One Night” amazingly still holds up as a fresh and funny comedy. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a screening of this witty, charming, and hilarious film.

    “Schindler’s List” is a tough movie. It is beautifully shot and features amazing acting. However, the subject matter is very hard to take–even though, as many critics have pointed out, it’s somewhat watered down from reality. The sequence with the girl in the red coat (the coat was colorized over the black and white footage) is especially heartbreaking. I cannot watch the movie without breaking down at the end. The epilogue is particularly poignant. Watch it when you’re prepared to be messed up for a little while.


    • Thanks for the advice Jamie! Does ‘Schindler’s List’ leave a similar feeling to ‘The Pianist’ as I’ve only ever watched that film once.

      I will be trying to see ‘It Happened One Night’ as soon as I can!


      • I haven’t seen “The Pianist,” but I can’t imagine it being as moving as “Schindler’s List” is (not meaning to belittle “The Pianist” in any way). I have never reacted to a film as I did with “Schindler’s List.” I saw it opening night in the theaters, and when the credits rolled no one moved until the lights came on, and then the audience just kind of staggered out. For weeks afterward, I had “flashbacks” to the movie where something would trigger a memory of a scene and I would spontaneously start crying. Movie just don’t affect me like that generally.


      • Late to the party, but yes, IMHO, “Schindler’s List” leaves one with a similar feeling as “The Pianist”.


  2. Wewstern Front, Waterfront, It Happened One Night, and Schindler’s List all certainly deserved best Oscar. BenHur and Annie Hall both won in years with lots of great movies, so those are harder to say.


    • Thanks Ian, I’ll have to check out the other films nominated the years Ben-Hur and Annie Hall both won if the other films were very strong as well!


      • It hasn’t aged all that well, and note that it’s one of the few BP winners not to get Best Director too. You’d be better off watching the film that *should* have won that year, Oliver Stone’s BORN ON THE FOURTH OF JULY.


        • Couldn’t disagree more (about DMD). Freeman’s and Tandy’s performances are stellar, it’s an interesting study in the evolution of race relations (particularly in the American South), and a great character study overall.


  3. I think any cinephile worth their salt should have all of these films on their ‘seen’ list.

    – ‘It happened one night’ is a great example of how fun black and white films can be.
    – ‘On the waterfront’ is definately a film for any Brando fan. A good story about fighting the man for what you think is right.
    – ‘Ben Hur’ is just so epic, that it just has to be seen, so you can say you’ve seen it. The most impressive thing about Ben Hur is appreciating how difficult it must have been to film. There are some tremendous scenes.
    – ‘Annie Hall’ is classic Woody Allen. I must admit, I did find this one very similar to ‘Manhattan’, so that should give you a fair idea of what to expect.
    – ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ is lovely. It’s an easy film to watch with real heart.
    – ‘Schindler’s List’ is another film displaying how generous some people can be. I would set aside an afternoon for this one.


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