Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

It has been 3 years now for Let’s Go To The Movies (well slightly over as the first post I made was 9th February 2009) I had no idea that when I started this blog, actually that was the date of my first post! I registered the blog on January 28, 2009. Now this blog is something that I wish I had started years before that date. As I had seen some very random films and I would have loved to have been able to look back and remember what I thought of them at the time. A reason why I keep going with reviews, especially for films I have seen in the cinema to get my thoughts saved as soon as possible. I try to complete cinema reviews as soon as I return home or the next day. I find it gets harder to review a film the longer you leave it. I have enjoyed creating top 10 lists and making general posts on movies or actors.

I go to the cinema at least twice a week most of the time (depending on how many films are released) due to having a Cineworld Unlimited Card so why not try to review everything that I see on the big screen? But some films do slip through the net!

But I have to admit that if you told me I would keep this blog going for 3 years with not many gaps in posts, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. I also find it just brilliant to see that so many fellow bloggers who started in Feb 2009 are still going strong today and posting about 3 years themselves. I still enjoy reading those blogs too!

So we shall now focus on the year ahead and what 2012 has to bring in the year of film!

8 thoughts on “Happy 3 Year Anniversary!

  1. Great to hear you’ve reached three years. I hope the site has many great years to come! I feel I’ve been visiting it for a long time now…keep up the great work.


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