No Strings Attached (2011) Review

Emma and Adam have known each other for years and their paths keep crossing at different stages in their life. This leads to them deciding to have a strictly physical relationship, but is that actually possible?

The simple answer to that question is no. This film helps to show how a guy and a girl cannot be just friends without one or the other having feelings at some point, ok I mean friends as in with benefits . . . it’s too close to get to someone without ever feeling anything. It’s what you decide to do about those feelings which this film deals with.

I really did find myself enjoying this film from start to finish, it was funny, it had a heart but most of all I could relate to it. I like Ashton Kutcher and even more so Natalie Portman, they also worked extremely well together. I found myself understanding Portman’s character Emma and thought that I do similar things to her.

It works out very well for them to begin with but there is always a risk that one of them will want a little bit more after not too long. It all went wrong for Emma and Adam when they actually started helping each other out in particular when Emma went with Adam to see his dad who was now going out with his ex-girlfriend. Yes that does sound complicated but it all adds to the film.

I have been trying not to mention the other film with pretty much the same base story line that came out last year  . . . but I have to “Friends with Benefits” with Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis. I actually saw that one in the cinema and really enjoyed that too, but that did not stop me from enjoying this film too.

No Strings Attached was dirtier than I expected I really thought it was going to be your typical rom-com with the outcomes being very obvious, but it was geared towards a younger generation and not clichéd. It was more real and even the ending could be possible. (Which I will not spoil).

This film is telling it like it is now, with less people expecting the fairy tale of love and settling for sex!

2 thoughts on “No Strings Attached (2011) Review

  1. I’m glad you shared your positive experience; I assumed this movie was going to be predictable but wanted to have some girlfriends over to watch it and you’ve made my case for me. I didn’t want to put on a movie that made everyone cringe from the clichés. Even if it’s terrible, it’s available through Blockbuster @Home from my employer, DISH, so it won’t cost me any more than the normal monthly rate. I’ll play No Strings Attached and if it gets bad I’ll start up some conversation and let it play in the background.


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