The Woman in Black (2012) Review

A young lawyer Arthur Kipps must travel to a remote village to sort out affairs of a house, which he quickly discovers has a rather terrifying story to go with it. The vengeful ghost of scorned woman is still inside . . .

From start to finish this film keeps the audience on the very edge of their seats. The tone of the film is very dark which adds to the suspense.

Arthur leaving his young son Joseph behind has his own demons to contend with before even arriving in the town and first setting foot in the house. Losing his wife at a young age, whilst she was giving birth to their son. A young widower who finds himself in the middle of some strange things happening.

His arrival in the village is not welcomed by anyone and this seems extremely strange. It is very obvious that they are all keeping something from Arthur, especially when trying to force him on a train back to London. It slowly becomes obvious why they want him to leave, after he visits the house for the first time. It is creepy and old and the music in the scenes really do make it very scary!

More for the anticipation than what actually ended up happening, well that’s how I felt anyway. A few people at the screening I was at screamed at different parts but that’s not really how I have ever been watching films. But I did jump a few times I am going to admit that! Although it wasn’t as scary and jumpy as I was expecting it to be, I still enjoyed it though.

I don’t want to spoil the story and the twists and turns it takes throughout. But I will say that I was not expecting the ending to be how it was, although I can understand that it allows the audience to make their own minds up on why it ended that way.

I would recommend this film to people who wouldn’t usually go for a ghost/horror/thriller as it crosses a few different genres and really is very good from start to finish. Was Daniel Radcliffe Harry Potter or something?

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