The Vow (2012) Review

A car accident puts Paige into a coma, when awakening she has severe memory loss. Her husband Leo must work to win back her heart, as she cannot remember the previous five years of her life.

Yes the romantic at heart part of me has been looking forward to seeing this film since the first time I saw the trailer. Therefore seeing it at the cinema was always going to happen, however I didn’t get the film that I was expecting. I was expecting something more romantic with a happy ending . . . I mean I guess the ending was let for the audience to decide but it felt quite sad and unexpected. I know very clichéd but I just wanted it all to work out in the end. More life-like but still, I had a tough weekend!

Channing Tatum is not the best actor in the world, but yes he is very attractive and I very much enjoy watching him on the big screen. Ok he is a pretty boy but I like watching pretty boy’s every now and then. I wouldn’t mind him as my husband as well! Anyway back to the film, his character Leo just really does seem too perfect. You cannot help but feel sorry for him when his wife Paige has no idea who he!

He tries everything possible to help trigger her memory and bring his wife back to him. Going to different spots that were there’s and pulling out all the stops. He even tries to date her again to see if it is possible for her to fall in love with him all over again. Surely this has to be worse than someone choosing to leave you, having the love of your life forget you is just so tragic!

I am actually growing to like Rachel McAdams the more films I see her in, although it seems that she is getting typecast in a similar type of role! But I am looking forward to seeing the direction her next films take her in.

As this film is out in time for Valentine’s Day . . . I would recommend people for a Valentine’s Day date to go and see something else, this isn’t really the right film to see with your boyfriend/girlfriend!

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